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3B Recycling is a Recycling specialist, collecting thousands of bales of Cardboard every month from all corners of the UK.

We teach our waste producers to treat their cardboard as a value added asset, a commodity which generates an income. We work with a full variety of waste producers, from goods importers, distribution centres and UK based manufacturers, ensuring all of their cardboard is diverted from landfill & 100% recycled at a paper mill.

We can help process loose or flat packed cardboard on pallets, providing certificates of destruction for branded cardboard packaging, whilst supply a cost effective solution to handling this waste, without you waste man hours baling a palletised product on site.

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Cardboard recycling

We collect and recycle baled and palletised waste cardboard nationwide daily. All material collected is 100% recycled.

We can collect loose, palletised or baled waste cardboard nationwide – with all material being processed before being sent to a wastepaper mill, in which is made into a new cardboard product. We handle thousands of tonnes every year, with each tonne recycled;

  • Using 25% energy than making new cardboard products
  • Saving 46 gallons of oil
  • Saving 9 cubic yards of landfill space

Waste cardboard is a commodity which 3B Recycling can transform into a positive cash flow asset for your company. We work with our customers to reduce waste handling costs, by keeping the waste handling costs to a minimum and are able to maximise revenues with commodity values following real time markets.

Does your business bale its cardboard?

  • Supplying baler & compactors to effectively handle your waste cardboard
  • Keeping costs low, supplying baler wire and strapping at the best prices available
  • Collecting and disposing of your cardboard
  • Single service or part of one of our total waste management plans

3B Recycling collects and recycles all cardboard waste in an environmentally friendly cost-effective way, with all compliance paperwork provided before collection.

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Recycled waste collection
Baled Cardboard
Baled Plastic
Baled Plastic Drums

Plastic recycling

We recycle all different grades of plastic, palletised, shredded, baled or granulated – single or mixed grade polymers. All of the waste plastic we collect is recycled into a new plastic product of the same polymer type.

We handle soft and hard plastics, baled, palletised, loose, shredded or granulated.

Soft plastics

Soft plastics are typically a plastic film material such as pallet or stretch wrap, we grade the material and provide the highest rebates possible for these to be recycled. We can accept the following grades:

  • LDPE Film on Reels
  • PP Films on Reels
  • 98-2 LDPE
  • 95-5 LDPE
  • 90-10 LDPE
  • 80-20 LDPE
  • Jazz LDPE
  • PP Film unprinted
  • PP Film Printed

Once we have established the grade and volumes produced, we can provide feedback if the material could be further segregated or waste handling improved to increase the rebates achieved. We encourage education to our waste producers to enable the maximum rebates possible to provided and to encourage our waste producers to recycle more.

Hard Plastics

Hard plastics we handle include:

  • Waste plastic pallets
  • PP rigids
  • PP regrinds
  • Baled PP rigids
  • PE rigids
  • PE regrinds
  • Baled PE rigids
  • Used PP buckets, clean or dirty
  • Used PE containers (chemical/liquid drums)

Most of the hard plastics 3B Recycling handle are from production or is a form of one-way packaging in which goods have been received or processed. With every tonne we help recycle, it is another tonne diverted from landfill.

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